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I really wanted to put a picture of Speedwagon from Jojo giving a thumbs-up in that little circle next to the logo but, it's too small. ;__;

Created by SeintMyon on 08 January 2012


January 2012 - I'm back! For this month.

Posted 01:02
Fri 06 January
by SeintMyon

I'm working on something of a new release schedule since two comics a week with the way I'm doing them is simply too big a workload for me right now.
But, for pacing reasons, I refuse to only release one a week!

So what I'm probably going to do is, release for this month (if I can make it through the whole month), then continue working next month without releasing.
Then in March, I start releasing again with (hopefully) a month-long strip buffer!

I might end up doing this every other month until I can start making these comics faster. Hopefully this will keep me from going on as many long hiatuses.

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