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Comic #23

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Next time I attempt to draw a horseshoe crab, I'm keeping it simple... and at the same angle it's being held at.

Created by SeintMyon on 13 January 2012


September 2013 - Yeesh

Posted 05:09
Tue 17 September
by SeintMyon

The previous news update was exactly the wrong kind of one to leave up for the longest hiatus I've had from this comic yet. Sadly I still don't have any specific plans to get back to it soon. I did say somewhere that I'd always come back no matter how long my hiatuses were, and I intend to stick to that. But for now, I'm not sure when that'll be!

January 17, 2012 - Well, that didn't take long.

Posted 11:50
Tue 17 January
by SeintMyon

I hoped I'd get consistent updates for more than 2 weeks this time, and instead I only got a week and a half!
I'll be getting new hardware/software soon so, expect updates again in March? orz

I'll try to get comic #24 released this month though, since I've already started on it.

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